Determinations Dice Game





Easy to understand instruction manual, 50 score sheets, 3 red and 3 black translucent dice.

A brief summary of how to play this game

Before beginning this Bulls Eye™ Dice Game, all of the players must agree on how many of the 10 (ten) columns will be played in 1 (one) round. Players must also decide on how the winning score will be determined. It may be the total combined score of the number of columns played or the total ending score in any 1 (one) column. After all players agree on how the winning score will be determined, all players will roll only 1 (one) dice, the player with the highest roll from 1-6 will start the game, in case there is a tie, the players with the highest tying roll will roll again until only 1 (one) player has won the starting roll and play will begin in a clockwise rotation.

There are 6 (six) dice included in these games, 3 (three) red and 3 (three) black all of which will be used during play. Each player will have 3 (three) rolls during their turn. All points and combinations are determined from rolling and choosing which dice to keep and set aside during the first and second roll and players may change saved dice and reroll them if they believe they have a greater chance at a different combination. Once the third and final roll is completed, player will decide which combination he chooses and the play will go to the next player.

*{If any of the dice fall off the table or go out of bounds during any of the 3 (three) rolls, those dice and only those dice become null and void and must be rerolled to complete that players roll.}

If a player does not succeed in completing a combination after their third and final roll, and “pot luck” has already been used, that player must choose any combination to exclude from play and place an X in the box of their choice.

These games have 3 (three) sections, Top, Center and Bottom sections.

Although our games may appear to look the same, they are not. Each game has a different twist, different combinations, more or less bonuses and requires a different strategy and wit to win.

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