About Us

Keeping it Local

Bulls Eye Dice Games does everything it can to keep everything local. Our paper is manufactured at a local paper mill, our printing is done at a local printing shop, our bags are purchased from a company in Pennsylvania and our processing is done in Concord, NH. The only part of the game not produced locally are the high-quality dice, imported from Germany. Our local partnerships are the core of ensuring our games are high quality products that are fun for the family again and again.

All our games are printed for us Locally by The Copy Shop located in Amherst, NH.

About our Dice

The dice we use are “high end translucent dice” not usually found in other games played with dice. The rounded corners on these dice roll and bounce better than square edged dice and are easier on the hands,which is the main reason we do not provide a noisy shaker cup. Listen to them as they roll and bounce gracefully across the playing surface. The “pips” AKA “dots” are etched into the dice and not simply painted on like in some others. These dice are made in Germany and are the only component of our game not made in America.

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